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We are a small Australian company born from the struggles of COVID-19. Our goal is to supply stylish and comical designs that reflect both you and your squad.


Our legendary styles are designed with our customers in mind, whether you’re out with friends or stuck at home, our designs will help you stand out from the crowd with quotable and comical designs that will never get old.


All our products are incredibly comfortable with iconic designs that reflect and express you; not taking everything too seriously and looking damn good.


Squad Wear Shop is supporting Beyond Blue and donating the profits of every 10th sale to assist in improving the mental health of Australia. The importance of being there for our mates and looking out for the squad can make the biggest impact for many individuals. This includes providing resources or tools to a mate, or simply giving them someone to talk to.

Beyond Blue can help to understand anxiety and depression, including the effects of grief, loss, drugs, alcohol, financial problems and unemployment. The ongoing stress of COVID-19 is having a particularly major effect on everyone’s mental health, whether your friends have lost their job or simply feeling isolated, looking out for your squad is more important now than ever.

Please reach out to your friends and family if you are struggling or please check out Beyond Blue.



Squad Wear Shop works with Printful to create quality apparel and accessories. All designs are created and designed by us and then printed and shipped by Printful straight to your door.


All products are proudly eco-friendly, long-lasting, and utilises responsible production methods! Each product is tested to ensure everyday quality from durability, wash, and wear tests.




Our mission and future is to supply quality apparel and accessories, that look stylish, fashionable and creates unrivaled memories with the squad.


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